Sail Superior - Lake Superior Circle Tour


Sail Superior is located in Thunder Bay in Ontario’s Superior Country. Situated at the Thunder Bay Marina Park, Sail Superior offers a diverse collection of tours and vessels to suit every need. From high-speed adventures to leisurely cruising, instructional outings, to self-driven adventures, the opportunities to explore are endless. Wine & Cheese Cruises, Harbour Tours and the Welcome Islands Blast are among the most popular excursions.

Sail Superior has a multi vessel fleet and offers a vast array of tours ranging from 90 minute Harbour Tours to multi-day excursions. With hiking adventures aboard the RHIB Zodiac, Wine and Cheese Tours, Corporate and Special Event Tours aboard the 50 foot Lagoon 500 Catamaran along with a series of instructional tours aboard our Jonmeri Cruiser/Racer ‘Frodo’ choose the ultimate destination today! Become the captain of your own ship with monohull bareboating options and explore the lake like never before. Catering to both individuals and group bookings, private and public tours, book your reservation and cruise with Sail Superior, the adventure to the adventure.

From July 16th to July 24th 2022 you can also book a number of Sault Ste. Marie, ON zodiac tours. Experience the river or the open lake from Superior to Huron, explore the Sault harbour beyond the boardwalk views. Join in the excitement of touring with the ocean class 500HP Hurricane Zodiac 920 Superior Rocket” and choose from a list of astounding destinations.

Offering both private and public tours exploring a vast range of the Sault waterfront, let Sail Superior bring the surrounding regions within your grasp. Showcasing areas such as the Bruce Mines, Isle Parisienne, Goulais Bay and more, each one is sure to yield extraordinary memories.

Or take a six day Trans Superior Safari aboard the 30 foot ocean class Zodiac Hurricane. Discover the rugged and isolated Canadian shoreline of Lake Superior. Embark on this epic safari from Thunder Bay to Sault Ste. Marie with Sail Superior’s Superior Rocket. See over 550 Nm (1000km) of the world’s largest freshwater lake.

With multiple segments to the tour, choose one day or multiple days and explore select regions as you’ve never seen them before. From winding river travels to cascading waterfalls, enjoy the warm welcome of traditional Finnish saunas and historical coastal communities.

Experience Battle Island

Depart from Red Rock to Rossport with a stop at the famous Battle Island. Explore the island and see the 43 feet (13 m) high lighthouse built in 1871 on top of a high, rocky outcrop. You can access a trail near the lighthouse with a breathtaking view of the south side of the island. Trek down to the shoreline and stroll along the rocky beach.  Take in the view from a pair of Parks Canada Red Chairs. Take some time exploring the island and indulge in a catered lunch looking out on the vastness of Lake Superior.


For a list of Sail Superior’s Lake Superior Tours & Experiences click HERE.


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