Lake Superior Cell Phone Coverage - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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Lake Superior cell phone coverage is great in most locations and missing in others. There are a few sections on the Canadian side of the Lake Superior Circle Tour that you will be unable to connect. These sections sporadically appear along the route and are primarily found in the middle of long sections between communities.

Lake Superior Cell Phone Coverage Map

The blue marks on this map show where Lake Superior Cell Phone Coverage is lacking. To download a map of the Lake Superior Circle Tour visit our Downloads Page.

As shown on our map you will have troubles connecting between Nipigon and Schreiber,  Terrace Bay and Marathon, Marathon and White River, White River and Wawa, Wawa and Sault Ste Marie, Ontario.

Cell Coverage Carrier Differences

Your ability to connect will be different from others based on your mobile carrier. This is especially true if you are from the US and traveling in Canada or if your from Canada traveling in the US. It is highly recommended that you contact your cell service provider and ask them if you will have service while traveling the Lake Superior Circle Tour. Another great way to find information and advice is to join our Lake Superior Circle Tour Group on Facebook and ask other travelers to share their experiences.

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