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Lake Superior Circle Tour Advertising Information

This document summarizes many of the features and benefits of advertising with the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide. To purchase Lake Superior Circle Tour Advertising complete the last sheet of the package and email it to info@superiorcountry.ca.

Lake Superior Circle Tour Advertising is easy! The Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide is published annually and offers several advertising options. Every January the new guide is available for downloading and ordering. In addition to the digital copy we print up to 80,000 copies each year. Printed copies of the guide are distributed throughout the year along the Lake Superior Circle Tour. Distribution locations include travel information centers, attractions, and local businesses such as hotels, and restaurants, and many of our advertiser’s locations. Distribution takes place throughout the year to ensure each copy of the guide gets into the hands of a traveler. Travelers can also order a printed copy from our website. The Lake Superior Circle Tour team also makes the guide available to potential travelers during any sports/outdoors/travel shows that they visit throughout the year.

Up to 80,000 Copies Printed

  • Printed copies available free to travelers all around the Circle Tour through Tourist Information Centers, businesses, and strategically placed magazine racks
  • Printed copies distributed during outdoors/travel/sport shows whenever possible
  • Printed copies available for travelers to order from our website


  • Lists all advertisers on an interactive map to assist travelers in planning their journey
  • Website users can add advertisers, along with other attractions and activities, to their Lake Superior Circle Tour Itinerary through our Trip Planner
  • Marketing and Advertising efforts are utilized by our organization to increase online, qualified traffic, to the website
  • Advertisers receive a page on the website to showcase themselves with photos, editorial, physical address, contact information and more

Social Media

  • As an advertiser your content, subject to approval, can be shared through our social media channels, allowing you to take advantage of our extensive following
  • Our team promotes the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide through multiple social media channels
  • Our social media goals are not only to promote our publication but to also promote the Lake Superior Circle Tour as a must see and do self touring experience
  • Our official social media channels are:

Stamp Collection

The Lake Superior Circle Tour Stamp Collection program has become popular with both travelers and stakeholders. Travelers visit different stamp locations around the Lake Superior Circle Tour where they get the Stamp Page of their Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide stamped. After collecting stamps from each of the official locations travelers submit their completed sheets. Upon receipt of their completed stamped sheets they are sent a Lake Superior Circle Tour Certificate. Due to the large popularity of the program advertisers must purchase a full page advertisement within the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide in order to choose a stamp location. Stamp locations are limited in quantity and are therefor on a first come first served basis with previous locations given the ability to renew their space first each year. Chosen stamp locations must meet set criteria which often requires a location to be a travel/welcome/information center of some kind.

Lake Superior Travel Games

  • Examples of Lake Superior Travel Games include the Lake Superior Ale Trail and the Lake Superior Java Journey
  • Travel games consist of discounted advertising listings of multiple similar businesses around the Lake which fit into a theme
  • Travel games are typically displayed as half to full page within the guide and are also available for individual downloads on the website
  • They also often consist of an online “blog” style page on the website which highlights each individual advertising listing with additional details
  • Travel game “blog” pages are further promoted through social media platforms often with advertising dollars to ensure additional viewings by targeted markets


As a non-profit organization we are better situated to reinvest into the continued promotion of the Lake Superior Circle Tour as a must experience self guided tour. We produce several marketing campaigns, primarily online, to further advertise the Circle Tour and the businesses, experiences, attractions, and the organizations that make it such a wonderful tourism destination. Advertisers within the publications are often highlighted within our promotional videos and content. Advertising with the Lake Superior Circle Tour not only increases your businesses exposure but allows our organization to continue our marketing efforts of promoting the Lake Superior Circle Tour!

FREE Design

With the purchase of advertising within the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide, or its website, you can take advantage of FREE advertisement design. All you have to do is provide our team with the images, logo(s), editorial, information, and any other instruction you would like followed. Our master designer will then utilize the items and information you provided to develop an advertisement draft. You will be given the ability to request changes and will be provided with a second draft for final approval.

Lake Superior Circle Tour Advertising

Lake Superior Circle Tour advertising is as easy as selecting an advertising option, completing a standard form, and providing/approving your artwork. Invoices are generated at the time of booking. Please note that their are separate forms for those residing in either Canada or the United States. This is due to the expenses occurred by the publication on both sides of the border.

Need More Information?

If you have any questions or would like any additional information please reach out to our team. We would be happy to assist you in finding an advertising package that is best suited for you and your business/organization.

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