5 Lake Superior Circle Tour Travel Games that you won’t want to pass up!

One of the best things about a road trip is having fun passing the time with interactive games.  Here are some of my favourite Lake Superior Circle Tour Travel games to try on your next adventure around the Lake!

Stamp Program

Completing the tour is an accomplishment, so why not make it official by participating in the Lake Superior Circle Tour Stamp Program to obtain your Lake Superior Circle Tour Certificate?  The first step is to find the stamp collection page in the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide, or download it from the website.  During your trip, visit all of the stamp locations indicated and get them to stamp your page.

Upload a photo of your completed sheet to the certificates page or mail it to the Lake Superior Circle Tour Headquarters.  Complete a short survey and receive your signed and dated certificate by email.  Print it, add it to your scrap book and brag to your friends!

Lake Superior Circle Tour Bingo Teaser Image


Lake Superior Circle Tour Bingo is a great way to explore the Lake.  It may even inspire you to visit areas you may have missed – like the Lake Superior Circle Tour Headquarters in Red Rock, Ontario.  It might be a bit ambitious to fill all of the squares on your card on one trip.  You may need to circle the Lake a few times, but if you do get a “full house” you can officially declare yourself an absolute Circle Tour Legend!  Challenge your friends and family to do the same.  If you prefer a paper card, download and print it off.  To fill out your card digitally, take a screen shot of it on your mobile device and select “edit” to cross off the items you have completed.

Photo Contest

The Lake Superior Circle Tour Photo Contest is a great way to share those money shots you are so proud of. Have your friends or family ever looked at one of your photos and said, “That should be on the cover of a magazine!”?   It is possible if you enter our contest.  Your photo could be chosen to grace the cover of our next Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide, a publication seen by up to 80,000 travelers! It’s easy.  Complete an entry form, select and attach your absolute favourite photos and submit!  Get inspired by checking out other travelers’ photo submissions.

2021 Lake Superior Circle Tour Ale Trail

Ale Trail

Whether you prefer a dark stout or a light lager, each location on our Lake Superior Circle Tour Ale Trail has a unique, welcoming atmosphere with a wide range of brews that will appeal to even the most discerning beer lover.  The Ale Trail is a fun way to connect to the community and other travelers passing through.  Many breweries offer tours, dining experiences, and gift shops.  Visit every location and rate your favourite beer, coolest atmosphere, best food, and most interesting tour!  Compare with friends!  Remember to drink responsibly.  Don’t drink and drive.

2021 Lake Superior Java Journey

Java Journey

A steaming cup of quality joe is the best way to start another day of adventure on your Lake Superior Circle Tour.  Find the Java Journey page in the Lake Superior Adventure Guide or simply download it.  Make it a goal to visit every café listed, checking them off as you go.  Which one had your favourite treat?  Who made the best cup of java?  The most interesting specialty coffee?  Which had the coolest décor?  Make a list of “Bests” and compare with friends. This can lead to some lively debates on or after your road trip.

I hope you enjoyed my list of Lake Superior Circle Tour Travel Games.  Don’t forget to share your game play experiences on the Lake Superior Circle Tour Facebook Group and/or share them on Instagram with #lakesuperiorcircletour.  Now hit the road and play on!