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Lake Superior Circle Tour Guide

The Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide is full of information that will be useful to aid in your trip planning experience. A printed copy of the guide can be ordered from the "Order Guide" cart.

Lake Superior Circle Tour Map

The Lake Superior Circle Tour Map is a helpful tool for your travels. Including highways, alternate routes, stamp locations, Provincial and State Parks.

Stamp Collection Sheet

The Lake Superior Circle Tour Stamp Collection sheet shows all of the official stamp locations. Visit each location and receive your signed and dated certificate of completion and brag to your friends!

Campground List

This is a complete list of campgrounds all around Lake Superior. It includes contact information, service offerings, operational dates, and more. Use this list to help make planning your camping adventure a breeze by knowing exactly what campgrounds will best suit your needs.
Lake Superior Circle Tour Bingo Teaser Image

Lake Superior Circle Tour Bingo

Lake Superior Circle Tour Bingo is a great way to explore the Lake! Utilizing the Circle Tour Bingo Card will inspire you to visit areas you may of missed! This is the time to let your competitive side take over.

Lake Superior Ale Trail

A list of all of the official Lake Superior Ale Trail Breweries. These breweries put an emphasis on quality, flavor, atmosphere and unique brewing techniques. Follow your taste buds and sample them all.

Lake Superior Java Journey

The Lake Superior Java Journey offers delicious, aromatic coffee for java lovers to delight their senses along the way. Whether you take it black, sweet, creamy, hot or iced, espresso or cappuccino, these coffee shops will be sure to have what you're looking for to put a pep in your step.

Border Crossing Info & Mileage Chart

This Border crossing information will help to advise you on what is needed to cross the American/Canadian border and items you are allowed to bring across. The Lake Superior Circle Tour mileage chart allows you to see the distance in miles between destinations.

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