Cycling Lake Superior - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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Many people wonder if anyone has biked the Lake Superior Circle Tour and the answer is YES! The Lake Superior Circle has been completed many times by cyclists and can be just as enjoyable pedaling your way around it. Not only is it an amazing journey to experience but it will also challenge your physical abilities, as it is 1300km trek around the greatest great lake.

It is important to study the map and know what your rides will be like in between stops along the lake. Our trip planning map can help you plan where you to stop and how long you will stay. You can also order or download the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide.

Tips for cyclists

  • Pedal smart
  • Eat and drink frequently
  • PLAN (your stops, your accommodations, your meals)
  • Be mindful of road conditions
  • Be mindful of weather
  • Plan for any necessary bike repairs
  • Bring safety equipment
  • Pack as light as possible

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Still unsure about the tour? Order the Guide!

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