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Circle Tour Bingo

Lake Superior Circle Tour Bingo is a great way to explore the Lake! Utilizing the Circle Tour Bingo Card will inspire you to visit areas you may of missed! This is the time to let your competitive side take over. Complete your bingo card and challenge your friends to do the same! Take a screen shop of the bingo card on your mobile device and select “edit” to cross off the items you have completed! Once your card is filled out post it on Facebook and Instagram! Remember to tag us @LakeSuperiorCircleTour and use our hashtag #lakesuperiorcircletour.

Some of the items on the bingo card can be difficult to obtain and may take more than one trip around the Lake. If you have gotten a Full House, you are, without a doubt, a Circle Tour Legend and deserve all the bragging rights! If you want to make collecting your bingo squares easier on your upcoming trip we recommend utilizing our Lake Superior Circle Tour Trip planner!

If you enjoy Lake Superior Circle Tour Bingo you should also check out some of our other Travel Games! The Lake Superior Ale Trail and Lake Superior Java Journey will both thrill your taste buds and our Photo Contest could have your images featured in the next Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide! To prove your mastery of the Lake make sure download and complete the Lake Superior Circle Tour Stamp Program! Visit all the locations around the lake, collect your stamps, and earn your very own Lake Superior Circle Tour Certificate.

Looking for more inspirational items to plan your next Circle Tour? Take the time to visit our Blog where you will find more in depth information on several different topics.

Good luck and happy travels!

Lake Superior Circle Tour Bingo Tips

Visited a Lighthouse

There are several lighthouses on the Lake Superior Circle Tour, but many are not open to the public.  Some of the most popular sites that are accessible to visitors by land are Split Rock Lighthouse in Two Harbors, Minnesota and Crisp Point Lighthouse in Newberry, MichiganPorphyry Island Lighthouse near Silver Islet, in Ontario’s Superior Country is only accessible by boat, so you must book ahead to visit.

Went Paddling

Whether in a canoe or a kayak, paddling Lake Superior and its tributaries is a special LSCT experience.  Take the Lake Superior Water Trail for example.  It is a natural Great Lakes highway that connects 16 main access points and ten communities.  It makes up a fifth of Ontario’s Great Trail and is an important and breathtaking section of the international water trail encircling Lake Superior.  Paddle the entire, or a small section.  Didn’t bring your canoe or kayak?  No worries.  There are outfitters along the way that guide and rent gear.

Visited a Waterfall

Who doesn’t want to go chasing waterfalls on the Lake Superior Circle Tour?  Late spring to early summer is the best time to visit, after the winter thaw when the water is running at its strongest and the waterfalls are at their most spectacular.  If you have a little extra time, take a side trip just west of Thunder Bay to Kakabeka Falls – Ontario’s second largest waterfall and most popular waterfall on the Circle Tour!

Saw a Moose

The word “moose” is an Algonquin term meaning “eater of twigs.” Moose are so tall that they have difficulty bending down to eat grasses, so they prefer to feed on leaves, bark, and twigs from trees and shrubs. Their favorite foods come from native willow, aspen, and balsam fir trees.  They also munch on aquatic plants from streams and ponds.  You need a little luck to spot a moose, but it helps to know where and when to look! For tips on sighting Moose and other wildlife visit our Lake Superior Wildlife Page!

Camped at a Private Campground

Camping is a great way to experience the Lake Superior Circle Tour.  You meet interesting people, enjoy songs and s’mores around a campfire, fall asleep to the chirp of crickets and frogs, and awake with the sunrise while sipping a steaming mug of camp coffee.  There are countless private campgrounds to choose from.  Check out the comprehensive campground list in the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide or our online Campground List.

Entered a Photo in the Lake Superior Circle Tour Photo Contest

At the Lake Superior Circle Tour Headquarters, one of our favorite things is the Lake Superior Circle Tour Photo Contest – we love seeing evidence of your special experiences – the breathtaking views, unique attractions, and magnificent wildlife. The difficult part is choosing the winner.  Who knows?  Your photo could be featured on the cover of the next Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide, seen by over 80,000 travelers! Visit our Photo Page to see all the past contest entries and to get some inspiration for your future tour around the Lake.

Took a Boat Charter onto Lake Superior

Whether you are heading out to an island lighthouse for a picnic lunch, hiring a fishing charter, or out for some site seeing, a boat charter gives you a safe, unique perspective of the “Big Lake”.  Clear turquoise waters and pristine wilderness await you!  There are a number of charters available to appeal to a variety of visitors, from speedy zodiacs to chill sailboats, and everything in between.

Visited a Beach

Want to take a day out of your busy Lake Superior Circle Tour itinerary to just relax and enjoy the warmth of the summer sun?  You deserve it, and the best place to take that day is one of the many beaches along the tour.   Have small children that need to cool off?  Choose a sandy beach bordering a spring fed lake.  Have an interest in geology?  Stroll along Lake Superior’s edge on one its many pebble beaches.  In the mood for something different?  Black Beach is located on Lake Superior itself near Silver Bay in Minnesota’s Cook County.  As its name suggests, this beach is covered in a layer of black sand, which is caused by taconite tailings. To find all the Lake Superior Circle Tour Beaches use our Trip Planner and use the filter to select beaches. From there you can read up on all of them and add them to your trip!

Had a Campfire

Pick up some wieners, buns and a bag of marshmallows, and you are all set for a cozy evening by the campfire.  Here’s a tip:  birch bark is the BEST natural fire starter.  But please do not peel it off of live trees.  Harvest it from a fallen tree or gather it from the ground.  Most importantly, buy wood where you burn it. Moving firewood means you risk carrying tree-killing insects like the emerald ash-borer, with you inside your wood.  The bugs can crawl out, spread to the trees and forest at the campground, state, national or provincial park and destroy those trees and forests.   Enjoy your campfire.  But burn safe and burn smart!

Picked up Litter

Thank you for helping to keep our communities and wilderness pristine.  Littering is not just unsightly, it harms wildlife. Tin cans and broken glass can cut animals. Six-pack rings, rope and twine can get tangled around them and strangle or starve them. Animals attracted to litter on roadsides may get hit by passing vehicles. Litter can make animals sick if they eat it, it also spoils the experience for other visitors. We encourage visitors to go the extra mile and pick-up litter when you see it.

Took a Selfie with a Roadside Attraction

Some are heroic likenesses, like the Terry Fox Memorial in Thunder Bay, Ontario.  Yet others stem from stories like the Shrine of Bishop Baraga in L’Anse, Michigan.  Many were built just for fun like the World’s Largest Corkscrew in Hurley, Wisconsin or the Giant Smallmouth Bass in Ashland, Wisconsin.   But we can all agree that Lake Superior Circle Tour Roadside Attractions are colorful, creative and memorable.


Visited the Lake Superior Circle Tour Headquarters

The Lake Superior Circle Tour Headquarters is located at the Red Rock Marina Interpretive Centre in Red Rock, Ontario. It is chock full of great information on local and Lake Superior Circle Tour attractions!  Visit the Interpretive Centre’s Educational Wildlife exhibit and learn about the history of this unique lakeside town. The gift shop will be sure to have the perfect memento of your trip. You can also pick up your Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide here (or at any other Travel Information Centre on the Circle Tour).  After you stop in, why not check out Red Rock’s waterfront where you’ll find a beautiful boardwalk, campground, picnic tables, splashpad, playground, and Marina.

Visited a Scenic Lookout

There are so many spectacular lookouts on the Lake Superior Circle Tour it’s difficult to decide which ones to stop at.  The Terry Fox Memorial Lookout east of Thunder Bay offers a beautiful view of Lake Superior, the City of Thunder Bay, and the famous Sleeping Giant.   More than just a lookout, this rest area also commemorates Canadian hero Terry Fox and his Marathon of Hope.  For a more rugged lookout experience, take a 30 min hike or bike up Kama Cliffs Trail just east of Nipigon.  You’ll be rewarded with a breathtaking panoramic view of Nipigon Bay and its many islands. To find all of the lookouts along the Lake Superior Circle Tour visit our online Map Trip Planner and select Scenic Lookouts under the attractions tab.

Visited a Natural Wonder

From Ouimet Canyon in Dorion, Ontario to Wisconsin’s naturally sculpted Apostle Island sea caves, to Lake Superior herself.  All of the Lake Superior Natural Wonders are truly… wonderful.   Check out more of Lake Superior’s Natural Wonders and make it a goal to visit all of them! You can also see them on our online trip planning map by selecting the natural wonder filter under the attractions tab.

Went Hiking

There are countless recreational trails on the Lake Superior Circle Tour boasting spectacular lookouts and plenty of opportunities for wildlife sightings!  From urban walking paths to wilderness trails, there is something for all ages and abilities.  Nipigon (Canada) area has numerous all season recreational day trails that range from easy to difficult.   If you are heading onto a wilderness trail, don’t forget to bring water and a snack, wear good sturdy shoes or boots, and make sure your cell phone is charged in case of emergency.  To find all the hiking trails on the Lake Superior Circle Tour use our online Trip Planner Map and select the hiking trail filter!

Cell Phone Trip Planning for Circle Tour Bingo

Downloaded the Lake Superior Circle Tour App

Cell phone coverage isn’t always available on the Lake Superior Circle Tour.  So why not download the Lake Superior Circle Tour App so you can have your itinerary and location information with you, wherever your journey takes you.  Use the app to plan your trip, and you can receive notifications when you are approaching a destination on your planned route.  Traveling with a group?    Share an itinerary with them with them on the Lake Superior Circle Tour App. Once you create an account you can access your trip from the Lake Superior Circle Tour website and the app.

Used the Online Trip Planner

To use the online trip planner, simply create an account, and start planning your trip.  It’s that easy!  Download the Lake Superior Circle Tour App and you’ll have your itinerary in your back pocket, wherever you go. When you create your trip you can share it with friends, upload it into Google Maps for directions, download the GPX files, download it as a pdf file, and even print it! Here are some Tips on Using the Online Trip Planner.

Camped at a Provincial/State/National Park

The Lake Superior Circle Tour is home to 35 State Parks, 17 Provincial Parks and 10 National Parks.  Can any other road trip boast a similar claim?  June through August, park campsites are usually full so make sure you book early to avoid disappointments. Some don’t offer camping so its important to do some research. A great way to plan your camping spots is to use the Lake Superior Circle Tour Campground List. You can find it within the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide or you can download it on its own.

Witnessed the Northern Lights

The bright dancing lights of the aurora, or northern lights, are actually collisions between electrically charged particles from the sun that enter the earth’s atmosphere. The lights are seen above the magnetic poles of the northern and southern hemispheres. Displays appear in many colors although pale green and pink are the most common.  The lights appear in many forms from patches or scattered clouds of light to streamers, arcs, rippling curtains or shooting rays that light up the sky with an eerie glow.  Many Indigenous Peoples believed that the lights were the spirits of their ancestors.  Areas that are not subject to ‘light pollution’ are the best places to watch for the lights. Areas in the north, in smaller communities, tend to be best.

Collected all Lake Superior Circle Tour Stamps

To earn the ultimate bragging rights of anyone who has traveled the Circle Tour you must collect your Lake Superior Circle Tour Certificate! To do so visit each of the stamp locations with your Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide. Once you have collected all the stamps upload a photo of your sheet or mail it to the Lake Superior Circle Tour Headquarters. Complete a short survey and receive a signed and dated certificate via email.  Print it out, frame it or put it in your scrap book with all your Lake Superior Circle Tour memory sakes and souvenirs!

Visited an Island on Lake Superior

One of the most popular island experiences on the Lake Superior Circle Tour is the Apostle Island Sea Caves in Wisconsin.  The best opportunity to see them during the summer months is through local kayaking and boating guides.  During the winter, the caves are truly remarkable, and are accessible over the frozen waters of Lake Superior.  Local guides are highly recommended for this experience.  The largest island on Lake Superior, and the fourth largest lake island in the world, is Isle Royale in Michigan. It is surrounded by 450 smaller islands all of which form the Isle Royale National Park.   Contact a local charter for guided tours.

Visited a Museum or Art Gallery

Did you know that the Canadian artists collective The Group of Seven used areas in Ontario’s Algoma and Superior Country as inspiration to paint many of their most famous pieces? Did you know that the World Record Brook Trout was caught on the Nipigon River over 100 years ago?  Did you know that there are 350 shipwrecks resting beneath the surface of Lake Superior, or that Indigenous Peoples have called its shores home for thousands of years?  Lake Superior and her communities have a rich culture and storied past waiting to be discovered at the Lake Superior Circle Tour’s many museums and art galleries. Use our Lake Superior Circle Tour Trip planner and select museums and/or art galleries under the filters to see them all.


Got a Copy of the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide

We produce 80,000 copies of the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide annually.  It is distributed FREE to various locations in the United States and Canada.  Superior Country also mails out copies of the magazine on request for a small shipping/handling fee.  The guide, which includes such features as the “Java Journey” and “Ale Trail”, is essential for helping you imagine, plan and enjoy your Lake Superior Circle Tour trip!

Watched the Sunset

There are many romantic settings along the Lake Superior Circle Tour to watch the sunset.  So grab a folding chair, find a rock to perch on, or throw a blanket down on a sandy beach and enjoy.  At Neys Provincial Park you can listen to the waves as the sun sets over the unobstructed lake.  If you’re feeling up to it, hike to the Pic Island Overlook and experience the view that inspired Group of Seven painter Lauren Harris.  At Lake Superior Provincial Park you can explore evidence of ancient volcanic activity by day and settle into your lakeside campsite at dusk to enjoy a picturesque sunset.  At Brighton Beach in Duluth, lay your blanket on the billion-year-old basalt rock to enjoy the view at day’s end.


Well that’s it. You have everything you need to complete your Lake Superior Circle Tour Bingo Card! Remember to take a picture of it to share on social media! Happy travels!

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