Porphyry Island Black Sand Beach - Lake Superior Circle Tour


Located at the southwest end of the Black Bay Peninsula, on Lake Superior and just east of Sleeping Giant Provincial Park is the Porphyry Island Black Sand Beach. Travel by kayak, canoe, or power boat to get to the island, you can even hire to travel by floatplane or helicopter as there is a heliport at Porphyry. The island itself is made up of black volcanic rock and is topped with boreal forest, offering protection from Lake Superior elements. The Black Sand Beach is a result of the islands volcanic rock eroding and breaking down, over time creating a fine sandy beach, perfect for warming up after a swim in Lake Superior. This incredible beach isn’t all the island has to offer. Porphyry Island has a light tower and light keeper residence, museum, art gallery, Park Canada Red Chairs and so much more to discover.

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