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When completing the Lake Superior Circle Tour, it is important to understand the conversions between Canada and the United States. The Lake Superior Circle Tour includes one Canadian Province (Ontario) and three American States (Minnesota, Michigan, and Wisconsin). Utilizing these Lake Superior Circle Tour conversion calculators will make your better prepared for your journey around Lake Superior. If you are looking for other and/or more information we recommend visiting our Border Crossing Page, our Lake Superior Circle Tour FAQs page, our Lake Superior FAQs page, and to order the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide.

Currency Conversion Calculators

Currency exchange rates are constantly changing and can be difficult to keep track of. This is why we wanted to make planning your trip as easy as possible and have provided you with a currency conversion calculator.

Kilometers and Miles

When completing the tour around Lake Superior the last thing you want to worry about is getting a speeding ticket. To avoid this from happening you will want to be sure of the difference between miles per hour and  kilometers per hour.

In Canada your speed is measured by kilometers per hour (kph)  where as in the United States they use miles per hour (mph). Some of the most common speed limits you will encounter are:

60 mph = 97 kph

50 mph = 80 kph

40 mph = 64 kph

30 mph = 48 kph

20 mph = 32 kph

We want to help make your experience around Lake Superior unforgettable. Instead of missing out on the beautiful scenery make sure use our conversion calculator to make sure you know the difference between miles per hour and kilometers per hour.

Fahrenheit and Celsius

When travelling what is one of the first things you think about? What should I wear? Will I need a rain jacket? Will it be warm? What will the weather be like? Let’s face it when planning to go somewhere our packing and planning is usually coordinated with the temperature. In Canada they measure temperature using Celsius where in the United States they use Fahrenheit. Here are some of the more popular temperatures exchanges to be aware of:

100 Fahrenheit = 38 Celsius

90 Fahrenheit = 32 Celsius

80 Fahrenheit = 26 Celsius

70 Fahrenheit = 21 Celsius

60 Fahrenheit = 16 Celsius

50 Fahrenheit = 10 Celsius

40 Fahrenheit = 4 Celsius

32 Fahrenheit = 0 Celsius

As you will be traveling through both Canada and the US it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with the differences in temperature measurement. To do this you can use our Lake Superior Circle Tour conversion calculator.

Measurement Conversion Calculators

Canada and the United States have a lot of differences as you’ve begun to see from our conversion calculators. One of the biggest differences is their forms of measurement. Until 1971 Canada and the US used the same imperial system until Canada adopted the metric system as their official form of measurement. You might be wondering why you would need this conversion, but it can help when doing basic tasks such as filling up your gas tank in your vehicle or cooking. For example, you will use gallons in the US compared to liters in Canada these conversions can only make you more prepared and your tour around the lake that much easier.

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The Lake Superior Circle Tour is a 1,300 mile (2,092km) self guided tour around the worlds largest fresh water lake. Travel around the lake by land or water, Lake Superior is 350 miles long by 160 miles wide with a total surface area of 31,700 square miles, much of it accessible for your enjoyment.