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Have you heard of the Lake Superior Circle Tour (LSCT) but are not quite sure what it is, exactly? Maybe you are brand new to the stunningly scenic yet adventurous route around the great lake? We are here to give you the ultimate 411 on everything LSCT and what it entails. Lake Superior is the largest of the great lakes and offers beauty at really any point around it and we guarantee you will also want to experience this for yourself when finished reading this article.

The Lake Superior Circle Tour is a 1,300-mile (2,092 Kilometer) self guided tour around Lake Superior. You can travel the tour by way of car, RV, motorcycle, boat, bicycle or even on foot if you wish. You can start at any point you want along the borders of the lake and follow the highways that connect one Canadian Province (Ontario’s Superior Country and Algoma Country) and 3 American States (Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Michigan).

The highway that completes the tour was officially connected between Wawa and Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario in September of 1960. This became a much faster way to travel from Northern Ontario to the more southern part of the province while also allowing the route of the Lake Superior Circle Tour to be created.

The Lake Superior Circle Tour was officially established in the 1960’s and has been growing and thriving ever since.

It has grown to the point of now not only being a famous route for travelers but has obtained a large social media following. Media is continuously shared allowing tour goers to be interactive with each other. This is perfect for those who are preparing to take the tour themselves and need the best tips and tricks or for those who have already completed it and want to share and reminisce. If you are planning an epic journey around the biggest freshwater lake not only will our social media help but check out our trip planner to help guide you.

Travelers can now participate in different travels activities as well such as the Ale TrailJava Journey, and the Stamp program. The Ale Trail features breweries and wineries around the entire lake and gives you a descriptive list with the Java Journey doing the exact same but with amazing coffee shops. For those who want something to show for their finished adventure you can collect stamps at different tourist information centers around the lake and submit them for your very own “I’ve completed the Lake Superior Circle Tour” certificate.

Just like our social media you can also participate in our Photo Contest and submit your very own photos from your LSCT with a chance to be featured in the next Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide.

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