The Creative Company - Lake Superior Circle Tour


The Creative Company is located in Thunder Bay in Ontario’s Superior Country. They design and produce at-home art kits for people of all ages to enjoy! Whether it’s for yourself or as a souvenir, you can take a little piece of Northwestern Ontario. Their diverse team of professional artists also have their own unique work that can be seen and purchased in a variety of mediums.

See original works by the artists, Steve Gerow, Deena Kruger and Kevin Belmore. During your visit you may even have the opportunity to witness the artists creating in the studio space and speak with them about their process and work. All three artists have a strong local connection that can be seen through their work. If you are looking for a place that captures the heart and soul of Northwestern Ontario, add The Creative Company to your Circle Tour Itinerary.

For more information about The Creative Company and the artists read this article.


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