Bringing Art and Creativity to Life in Thunder Bay

The art scene in Thunder Bay is thriving! The Creative Company was born out of this incredibly supportive environment. Home to artists Steve Gerow, Deena Kruger and Kevin Belmore, it is a studio, gallery and gift shop all in one. Their daily focus is to encourage each other as artists, but to also inspire those that are wanting to find a way to relax and explore their own creative sides.

The Creative Company Colouring Kitz

When you walk into The Creative, you will first see the wall of paint and colouring kitz. These came to be because those that attended classes were looking for a way to continue the fun at home during COVID. Now a cornerstone of the business, these kitz are inspired by the area. Whether for yourself or as a souvenir, you take a little piece of Northwestern Ontario with you when you grab one.

The Creative Company Kitz

This fabulous space also has a Gallery. Original works by the in-house artists grace the walls. Most days you can actually see the artists creating as well, as they all have in house studio space. They are always very happy to welcome visitors and answer any questions about their work. You are guaranteed to be inspired by their enthusiasm, and no doubt will find an original or print to help capture the feelings you get as you work your way around the Lake.

Meet the Artists of The Creative Company

All three artists have a strong local connection. Deena Kruger, founder and CEO, has always believed in living her passions whether she is taking time to create  or working on building a legacy that supports artists and inspires people all over the country. She always puts her full heart and soul into her work and her team. Just like her signature birch trees she loves to paint that stand tall, strong and forever growing she is always evolving, learning and striving to create a company that serves many in a positive way. When it comes to her personal art work she considers living in North Western Ontario to be a gift, with each season bringing beauty in its own way. Some of her most treasured time is spent camping, travelling and exploring Lake Superior with her husband Jeff. Her work is a reflection and interpretation of those adventures transformed onto canvas with the intention of bringing a little of that beauty into your home.

Kevin Belmore is an Ojibwe Artist from Gull Bay First Nation located in the Thunder Bay District in Northwestern Ontario. Kevin joined The Creative Company as a collaborative artist in 2020. He has felt the need to express himself artistically since he was a young boy, believing he was given his gift from the Creator. At the age of 16, Kevin found himself in a workshop with Roy Thomas, who in turn was inspired by Norval Morrisseau, one of the founding members of the Woodland School of Art. This workshop is where he learned how to paint in the Woodland Art form, one that captures spiritual tradition as it shines through in the everyday, exploring the relationships between people, animals, and plants. His original acrylic paintings are brought to life with his brilliant use of balance, colour and the way in which he is able to capture emotion in the stories he is translating onto canvas. His pieces are highly sought after and grace homes across the country.

Steve Gerow is a self-taught Canadian Artist born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario and is of Scottish, English and Irish decent. His need to create started at an early age, becoming his source of therapy and survival. Over the past four decades Steve’s style has evolved to include a wide variety of artistic expressions beginning with his first sketch of Soul Boy, a skeletal figure that was representational of his childhood arthritis diagnosis. His doctor coloured in all the joints on his chart to show all the places his body was affected. At the age of 12 Steve began to draw his version of what he saw on his chart on everything…calling him Soul Boy.

Steve’s paintings celebrate his fascination and love of the beauty of Northwestern Ontario, stained glass windows, shape and line work from 80’s advertising and the ribcage of his Soul Boy whenever he paints animals. His landscapes will take you on a visual journey using colour and movement to achieve shadow, light and harmony.

If you are looking for a place that captures the heart and soul of Northwestern Ontario, add The Creative Company to your Circle Tour Itinerary. You are sure to find that perfect gift to remember the magic of this incredible area. They always look forward to welcoming new visitors into their space and sharing stories of their work, and how the beautiful area they reside in inspires them.

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