Michigan Island Lighthouse - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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Michigan Island Lighthouse is located on the Apostle Island of Michigan Island in Wisconsin’s Ashland County. There are two lighthouses beside each other on Michigan Island. The first was accidentally built in 1856, standing 65 feet (19.8m) high with an attached dwelling. This lighthouse was meant to be built on Long Island though the contractors where sent to the wrong place. The second lighthouse was built erected in 1929 and stands 112 feet tall and became the tallest lighthouse in the State. Visiting Michigan Island can be difficult. Only the most experienced boaters should attempt a trip to this lighthouse because of the distance and exposure to tumultuous Lake Superior. Boat tours from Bayfield to the island are offered where you can explore the grounds. During the summer season, there are volunteer rangers on most of the islands to receive visitors for tours. There is an annual Apostle Island Lighthouse Celebration that presents opportunities to view the lighthouses on a cruise boat.

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