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Difficulty: Moderate

Devil’s Kettle trail is located near Grand Marias in Minnesota’s Cook County. This is a 1.9 mile (3.2 km) out and back trail within Judge C.R. Magney State Park. The trail leads you along the Brule River past Upper Falls to the mysterious Devil’s Kettle Waterfall. There are plenty of stairs to climb and benches for resting along the way. Leashed dogs allowed.

The Brule River splits in two and creates separate falls along side each other. The mystery is, while one side flows 50 feet (50 m) down to the base of the falls and continues downstream, the other side disappears into a pot hole with seemingly no escape. There are a few theories about this mystery. Some think that the water flows through underground tunnels out to Lake Superior. Others think that it meets with the river somewhere under the gorge though dyes have been poured into the Devil’s Kettle never to be seen at the base of the falls.

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