Agate Island - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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Agate Island is an island amongst the Lake Superior Archipelago near Nipigon Bay in Ontario’s Superior Country. The agate laden shoreline of this island has been named one of the seven natural wonder beaches to see in the world. The beach is fairly steep with natural terrace layering along it. The island is also unique due to the Pukaskwa Pits that can be found there. These are pits dug into the cobblestone beach by early Ojibwa inhabitants over a thousand years ago. These pits are thought to have been made for food storage though other theories suggest hunting blinds or spiritual sites. Similar pits can be found on the beaches at Pukaskwa National Park. Lake Superior agates are the oldest type of agates in the world having formed over 1.2 billion years ago. Gas pockets within ancient lava flows formed the agates and throughout time they released and now scatter the shores of Lake Superior. These treasured ancient banded stones are much sought after for rock hunters. The Island can be reached by boat or kayak tours out of Red Rock, Nipigon or Rossport.

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