Our summer holidays were quickly approaching and this year we felt like doing something new. We were in search for an ultimate Thunder Bay date day. Well, we found one! First, because a good day is better with good company, we called some friends to see if they were interested in joining us. We got our group together and booked a Harbour Tour with Sail Superior in Thunder Bay. Being from Nipigon we only had a short drive to our adventure at Thunder Bay Marina.

After some brief introductions, safety overviews, and snapping some photos, the crew of Sail Superior was loading us onto a 40-foot sailboat named Frodo. All of us have a lot of experience boating and enjoying the waters of Northern Ontario’s Superior Country region, but this was the first time for any of us to set foot on a sailboat.

As we slowly pulled out of the docks our group couldn’t help but admire the beautiful scenery of the Thunder Bay marina and all the marine vessels lining the docks. Since I was young I remember looking out at sail boats in awe. I couldn’t help but feel a thrill of excitement as I realized I was finally on one! When I didn’t think things could get much better the first mate gave us a drink menu. We had our choice from several different local craft beers from Sleeping Giant Brewery which is an official Lake Superior Ale Trail brewery. The flavors were astonishing and added a great enhancement to an already amazing adventure.

Sleeping Giant continued to grow larger as the motor turned off and they raised the sails. As we sailed within the break wall the captain and first mate provided information on points of interest along the coast such as the Alexander Henry, an old tugboat turned tourist attraction.

We exited the break wall and sailed through the open waters of Lake Superior. In the distance we were able to see a larger vessel anchored. The ship gave a great comparison in size to the Sleeping Giant. Seeing such a large vessel being dwarfed by the Sleeping Giant reminded us of the sheer size of Thunder Bay’s greatest attraction. After sailing the open waters, we returned through the break wall next to the Thunder Bay Main Lighthouse.

After disembarking Sail Superior’s Frodo we had some time to kill before our dinner reservation so we further explored Thunder Bay Marina. After taking some more photos and admiring the statues and views we headed up into town.

As we made our way to the Prospector Steakhouse for dinner my husband noticed a small Resto-Bar, In Common, with several pride flags on display. We all spoke of how nice it was to see a local business proudly showcasing their support of the LGBTQ+ community and decided to stop for a drink.

To our delight the pub also offered a variety of choices from our new favorite local business, Sleeping Giant Brewery. The server told us about the pride beer, Love=Love, Sleeping Giant Brewery was offering and that for every beer purchased they donate to local LGBTQ+ organizations. We quickly ordered a couple and sat on the patio enjoying the warm weather.

We finished our evening with dinner at The Prospector Steakhouse, a favorite Thunder Bay restaurant of my husbands. Famous for their prime rib and home-made Prospector Buns they didn’t disappoint. They also offer their own craft beers that are made specifically for pairing with their main courses. Unfortunately, by this time I had had several beverages and opted for water. The next time I visit I’ll be sure to order a Wild Blueberry Wheat which they say is the perfect pairing to their prime rib entrée.

After dinner our Thunder Bay date day had come to an end. We were all so happy that we had decided to embark on this adventure. It was a great reminder of everything that our own backyard has to offer. While driving home we started making plans for our next Thunder Bay date day. I can’t wait to see what local attractions and experiences we will discover next!

Interested in booking your own Sail Superior Adventure? You won’t be disappointed!