Slate Islands Provincial Park - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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Slate Islands Provincial Park is approximately 7.5 miles (12km) south of Terrace Bay in Ontario’s Superior Country on Lake Superior. The park consists of a group of rugged islands that are mainly made up of volcanic and sedimentary rock from the early Precambrian era. The Slate Islands archipelago is made up of two main islands, Patterson Island and Mortimer Island, five minor islands, and numerous islets. The Slate Islands Lighthouse is situated on the south side of Patterson Island. Woodland caribou have roamed the islands since 1907 and many who visit report seeing them fairly up close and personal.

To explore the Slates, visitors need to plan their trip using a charter boat or a paddling guide to get there from Rossport or Terrace Bay. Making the crossing from Terrace Bay can be achieved by experienced kayakers. Before leaving be sure to check the weather conditions and also have a back up mode of water transportation in the event that they need it. Backcountry camping is allowed on the Slates though non-Canadian visitors will have to purchase a crown land camping permit.


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