Paddle to the Sea - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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Paddle to the Sea is located in the park in downtown Nipigon in Ontario’s Superior Country. “Paddle” is a giant man in a canoe statue that sits at the top of a set of stairs with a man made waterfall cascading below him. This statue is based on the Holling C. Holling’s book “Paddle to the Sea” where a boy carves a man in a canoe out of wood and sets it free on a journey starting in the Nipigon River, through the great Lakes and out to sea. Starting at the Lake Superior Waterfall in the heart of downtown Nipigon, twelve playground stations lead families on a journey of fun through the Great Lakes. Bill Mason’s Oscar nominated film is a famous retelling of the story of Paddle-To-The-Sea. The Paddle to the Sea Park also features a splash pad and playground.

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