Ganawenjiige Onigam Mural - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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Ganawenjiige Onigam is located in Duluth in Minnesota’s St Louis County. This vibrant and thought provoking mural scales the entirety of the exterior wall of the American Indian Community Housing Organization. The mural was created by artist Votan Ik with the assistance of Derek Brown. Ganawenjiige Onigam means Caring for Duluth in Ojibwe as she offers a symbol of resilience and care. The mural depicts a portrait of an Ojibwe women with a bandana covering the lower half of her face and wearing a jingle dress. According to the artist, the bandana is reference to women who participated in the 1994 Zapatista uprising and also refers to the water protectors at Standing Rock. A women dancing in a jingle dress is thought to have incredible powers to heal. The mural evokes several images, a water protector, Native American women, and missing and murdered indigenous women.

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