Cypress Sleeper Barrels - Lake Superior Circle Tour


Cypress Sleeper Barrels are located in Gurney in Ontario’s Superior Country, 1 hour 50 minutes east of Thunder Bay.

When was the last time you woke up to the sight of water outside your window? Or enjoyed a sizzling breakfast cooked outside, or sipped a steamy morning beverage in the stillness of the forest? At Cypress Sleeper Barrels, you can spend your days relaxing on the beach, soaking up the sun, and your evenings reconnecting around a crackling fire, taking a sauna, and cooling off in the lake. As you fall asleep, look up at the starry sky.

This unique and cozy sleeping barrel is nestled on the beachfront sandy shores of Lake Superior and offers an unforgettable camping experience. They provide all the necessities for a relaxing stay. No matter if it’s one night or many, all you’ll need to bring is yourself, your personal belongings, food, and drinks.

When you wake up in the morning, look directly out of the bubble window at the lake. Breakfast can be prepared in the fully equipped outdoor BBQ kitchen and enjoyed in the outdoor gazebo living room. Rain or shine, this outdoor area with propane fire pit is covered, netted and comfortable for whatever weather may come.

At the beach, you’ll find your own private fire pit and sauna barrel with wood provided. You will have your own changing station and porta potty bathroom by the sleeper barrel. There is no shower, just a sauna with buckets and rinsing in the lake for bathing. Eco-friendly soap is provided. This “tiny” 7’ x 16’ barrel is ideal for 2 adults but can sleep 4 with the under-bed storage area. Please note that there is no Wi-Fi on your site, but there will be a Wi-Fi access shared picnic area for those who may need to connect. Cypress Sleeper Barrels are perfect for those seeking a quiet escape from everyday life.

There are two Cypress Sleeper Barrels available; the Forest Barrel and the Wilen Barrel

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