Bathtub Island - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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Bathtub Island is located near Katherine Cove in Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario’s Algoma Country. The island is suitably named due to the basin like impression that fills with water when Lake Superior’s waves become high enough to reach it creating a natural “bathtub”. To reach the island, follow the coastal trail from Katherine Cove about 0.31 miles (.5km) south. Once you get to the shore the water is shallow and sand is soft enough that you can easily walk out to the island just off the shoreline. The island is made of smooth rock that can get very slippery to climb onto. It is short yet demanding hike with the reward of a satisfying soak in a bathtub overlooking Lake Superior.

  • All visitors in Lake Superior Provincial Park must purchase a day use permit. Full day permits are $15.50 and visitors can purchase them at the Agawa Bay Visitor Centre, Gatehouse, or the Park Office.
  • Parking on the side of the highway is prohibited. Visitors must park at the Katherine Cove or Sand River parking lots and hike along the coastal trail to Bathtub Island.
  • All visitors must respect and maintain the ecological integrity of the location. This means staying on marked trails and off of dunes and dune grasses.
  • This is not a day use area, meaning all visitors must treat it as a backcountry trail. There are no toilets or garbage bins at the site. Visitors must practice backcountry etiquette by packing out whatever they bring in, including used toilet paper/tissues, and leaving no trace.
  • Visitors must adhere to park rules regarding camping, cans, bottles, and fires, which are all prohibited.

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