The Lake Superior Circle Tour is without a doubt one of the most beautiful tours that takes you around Lake Superior. It is a self-guided tour that can be done by vehicle, R.V., motorcycle, boat, even cycling. The tour is 1,300 miles (2,092 kilometers) that takes you through three American States and into Canada’s Northern Ontario. The Lake Superior Circle tour was officially established in the 1960’s and has been thriving ever since. This road trip is becoming more popular with families, and it is easy to see why. These tips below will make your Circle Tour Road trip an easy, fun experience full of memories that you and your kids will be talking about for years.

When to go?

The best season for traveling with kids is obviously summer with no school and beautiful hot weather. The Circle Tour can be done during any season, with pros and cons for road conditions, crowds, weather, and beautiful photography opportunities. With kids during summer, you can’t beat the chance to experience camping, hikes, beaches, swimming, and warm summer evening sunsets. Keep in mind that a lot of attractions are seasonal, which means they open and run from May to October. I would highly recommend summer months to take this road trip as a family.

Circle tour with kids

Where to stay?

Accommodations along the way range from hotels with pools, camping at private or provincial parks, cabins, to bed and breakfasts. Plenty of choices. It depends on what kind of an experience you are looking for. Camping is always fun for kids in a tent with a campfire, or an R.V./trailer. If this is not your thing then go for a variety of accommodations such as a cabin rental, or that hotel with an indoor or outdoor pool. The nice thing is there are a variety of ways to please everyone in the family by using this next tip to plan and book your Circle Tour Road Trip.

Rainbow Falls Provincial Park Rossport Fall RV

Plan your trip

Use the ‘Lake Superior Circle Tour Trip Planner’ and download the Lake Superior Circle Tour Mobile App. This online ‘trip planner’ in conjunction with the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide will make planning your road trip around Lake Superior fun and easy. This step-by-step process takes you through everything you will need to plan to help you feel prepared and confident for your trip. Have your necessary documents ready for crossing the Canada-U.S. Border. A cool tip that the kids will enjoy, is to print out a copy of the map and itinerary for them to have. That way they can look at it throughout the trip and see what they have done and where you are going next.

Circle Tour App Photo

Have a kid friendly Itinerary

Once you have planned your trip with dates, driving distances and accommodations now it is time to choose which major attractions to experience with the kids. There are so many to recommend. Do the research on the Circle Tour website. A few must visit attractions with kids include…

Amethyst Mine Panorama digging

In the vehicle

“Are we there yet?” LOL! Every parent hears this at some point on a road trip. Make it easy on yourself and more enjoyable for the kids by having snacks available, a pillow, a blanket, and movies with a headset. Technology is good with balance. It allows the kids to have some downtime and reset for the outdoor adventures and experience Lake Superior provides.

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That’s right, BINGO! Not just any BINGO…. This is the best road trip BINGO to play with the kids. It is the Lake Superior Circle Tour Bingo in the Guide. These are the best recommended things to do and see with your family. Let the summer fun begin.

Bingo lsct -Circle tour with kids


This goes for any road trip. Be on the lookout for wildlife. This is on the BINGO game sheet. Encourage the kids to look for moose, black bears, rabbits, bald eagles, fox, deer and more. This will keep them busy. It is fun for the BINGO game and to take a photo of, if you can get your phone out in time.

Stamp Collection

Participate in the Certificate and Stamp Collection that is in the Lake Superior Circle Tour Guide. This would be so cute to get a photo of the kids with the completed stamp book and official certificate to put into a scrap book. Memories, check!!!

Stamp Completion - Circle tour with kids

Photo Contest

Let the kids take pictures on the road trip. Even selfies, why not? They will be proud of their photo skills. For sure you will be taking a ton of pictures and videos. Group photos, scenic photos, paddling, waterfalls, hiking, beaches, lighthouses, food, and wildlife. Capture your adventures and the beauty of Lake Superior and enter the Lake Superior Circle Tour Photo Contest for a chance to have your photo selected for the next official cover of the Tour Guide.

Kid taking photo

Merchandise and Souvenirs

No road trip is complete without souvenirs. You can purchase Circle Tour t-shirts, stickers, key chains, etc. The entire Circle Tour offers shopping opportunities for whatever you and the kids may be looking for along the way. Art shops with unique items, Indigenous crafts and handmade items, ceramic mugs, clothing, hats, amethyst – the Lake Superior Circle Tour has it all folks!

circle tour merchandise

You will enjoy your Lake Superior Circle Tour with kids upon following and utilizing the above tips, trip planners, travel games and visiting the highlighted attractions. Be sure to collect the stamps so they can earn their Certificate of Completion! Be prepared to take photos for scrapbooking purposes, the kids will love to look back on their first Circle Tour!