Red Rock Ontario is a charmingly beautiful community in Northern Ontario that sits near the top of the largest and most enchanting great lake, Lake Superior. Red Rock is located along Highway 11/17 and is absolutely worth pausing your travels along the Trans-Canada Highway to journey down the Red Rock Road and enter the scenic community filled with many options for adventure and an overall wholesome experience that you won’t regret. The best part being that Red Rock is an all-season destination. It’s incredible to visit during a warm summer day but it can be even better during our “Frozen-esque…Elsa worthy” northern winters.

“Do you want to build a snowman?” – Disney’s Frozen

You know that enchanting lake I referenced earlier? The Red Rock waterfront is the perfect spot to embrace the lake. Imagine walking along the Lakeshore on a classic-style boardwalk with a glistening blanket of snow embracing you with every step. You have a warm beverage in your hand like a steaming fresh cup of hot chocolate or a good strong cup of coffee and you pause to breathe in an incredible winter moment. Think about experiencing your first snowfall of the year. Whether you head outside to greet it because you witnessed it taking place through your window or it catches you by surprise and reminds you to stop, take a deep breath, and absorb your surroundings. The icy elements captivate you, so you turn your face up towards the sky, snowflakes gently land on the peak of your nose or your now rosy cheeks, and all of your senses are ignited. Red Rock during the winter months is like experiencing your first snowfall every snowfall.

I know the charming walk I just described has already convinced you to join us in Red Rock, BUT WAIT… there’s so much more…

You can let your adventurous side roam free, connect with the outdoors, and embrace the diverse snow-packed landscapes. If outdoor recreation is not your thing or you simply are an overachiever like this community and want to experience it all make sure to tap into an educational exploration and head to Red Rock’s Interpretive Center with many exhibits, great content to absorb, and learn about some of the community’s history. If this is all starting to sound like a busy day, and you anticipate you will need to refuel? No problem, I am also going to tell you about this great local joint, the Red Pebbles Café. I mean where did you think you were getting that warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate from? It’s all planned for you.

Lloyds Lookout

Lloyd’s Lookout is a local hotspot and a great place for visitors to enjoy during the winter months. This lookout is along the Nipigon River Recreation Trail and the first lookout when starting at the trailhead located off Red Rock Road. The lookout has a breathtaking view of Lake Superior, and the entire community. There is a large enclosed deck with benches to sit so you can take a break and appreciate the view. The serene woodland trail is peaceful and inviting as with evergreens, fir, and spruce greeting you with every step. The trail is maintained, marked, and ranked as an easy walk with a gradual incline that most ages could complete. You will most likely meet locals out for a walk with their friends, family, and children.

The distance from the trailhead to Lloyd’s Lookout is approximately 1.3 km. If you walk at a brisk steady pace you can reach the lookout within 20 minutes however if walking with pets or children add on another 5-10 minutes to your hike.

Interpretive Center

~ Submerge Yourself in the History of Red Rock ~

Red Rock can help to feed your appetite for adventure, for lunch, but also for knowledge. Remember that lovely winter walk I told you about earlier? The boardwalk is located at the Red Rock Marina along with the wonderful Interpretive Center. Within the Interpretive Center you can experience educational and interactive exhibits on a variety of interesting topics. Learn about the history of a prisoner of war camp or the Red Rock paper mill that used to drive the Township’s economy. Browse through the interactive fish species and learn about other animals that visit the town throughout different seasons like moose we see migrating when the snow falls. Don’t miss out on taking a ride in a life size submarine, where you can submerge yourself in some great information! There is also an incredible exhibit on the Lake Superior and the National Marine Conservation Area. 

Red Rock’s Interpretive Center is located on Salls Street, as you are entering the community from the Red Rock Road you will begin to see a church and on the left you will turn down a dirt road towards the waterfront – stay to your right and follow the road to a big beautiful building where you will find the interpretive center. It is open from Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm and daily admission can be found on their website. (Insert hyperlink)

Red Pebbles Café

In every television show or movie when it features a smaller cozy community it’s essential for the locals to have somewhere to go to socialize, breakup, makeup, “spill the tea,” over coffee, a drink, or a great meal. A place where visitors/tourists enjoy the same but are in awe of the hospitality and the conversations from those who just live down the street or around the corner. Well Hollywood can show up anytime because Red Rock is not short of a “Peach Pit” or “Luke’s Diner” theirs is called the Red Pebbles Café.

The Red Pebbles Café is located at 39 Brompton Road and is open Tuesday – Saturday 10:00 am to 8:00 pm with a great menu and daily specials. Don’t miss a warm homemade soup on a winter day or a great traditional breakfast to fuel you up before heading to Lloyds lookout and the interpretive center. If you end your day at Red Pebbles don’t worry there is a variety of tasty options for dinner including vegetarian alternatives.

The Township of Red Rock will welcome you with open arms whether you hike a beautiful trail, learn about its history and the incredible species that live within it, walk along the shores of the breathtaking Lake Superior, grab a bite to eat at the amazing Red Pebbles Café or accomplish absolutely all of it!