Shuniah - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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Shuniah is located in Ontario’s Superior Country and is Ontario’s Amethyst Country. From delicate lavender to rich midnight hues, the amethyst of northwestern Ontario is a treasure of purple. These semi-precious gemstones are found in quantity only here and in six other countries in the world, but no other place on earth produces amethyst of such quality – and in such quantity. This is amethyst country, and you can take a piece of it home with you. Visit one or more of the areas amethyst mines for a unique pick your own gemstone adventure where you can choose your own specimen right from an open pit mine. Many local shops carry gift items and jewelry crafted from the gemstone. Because of its abundance in the northern areas of the province, amethyst was adopted as the official mineral of Ontario in 1975. Aside from the practical explanations for the formation of the gemstone, legends talk about the creation of the mineral deposits at Elbow Lake. Millions of years before the Sleeping Giant lay down on Thunder Cape, the great wine god Bacchus became angry with men and vowed to let his tigers destroy the first human they could catch. A beautiful princess named Amethyst was traveling from Thunder Bay’s shore to worship at the shrine of Diana on the highest hilltop. Hearing the tigers roar, she climbed up t Elbow Lake hoping to escape by canoe. Finding none, she climbed into a nearby crystal cave, praying for help. The goddess Diana, hearing the maiden’s prayer, sealed the princess safely into the cave. Bacchus, now remorseful and ashamed, poured a huge amount of red wine on the cave, creating the beautiful gemstone, Amethyst. This legend is till so strong that people all over the world believe that the wearer of amethyst will always be happy and protected from the results of over indulgence!

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