Schreiber - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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Schreiber is located in Ontario’s Superior Country. Schreiber sits along highway 17 and is between Nipigon and Terrace Bay. Schreiber has a population of 1,059. From what began as a Railway Town in 1885, the welcoming community of Schreiber offers a rich cultural heritage and a pristine natural boreal setting for visitors along the north shore of Lake Superior. Between the geological outcrops in the landscape and the tales of building the Canadian Pacific Railroad, Schreiber’s intriguing history is sure to captivate you!

The community of Schreiber offers a great place to stop along your journey. As you enter the community be sure to check out Historic Downtown Schreiber and the local shops. Also downtown, you will find the Schreiber Railway Museum and Tourist Information Centre. Become mesmerized by the CP artifacts and the tales of the past as you explore the museum’s collection. Then, head down to Schreiber Beach where the story of Schreiber and the CP Rail on the North Shore all began at Isbester’s Landing. Did you know? Schreiber Beach is an access point for the Lake Superior Water Trail that is part of Canada’s Trans-Canada Trail. From the Schreiber Beach head east on the Casque Isle Hiking Trail to Picnic Table Lookout for a spectacular view of Lake Superior’s shore line. So come and enjoy the Schreiber experience.

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