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The Schreiber Discovery Centre & Railway Museum is located in Schreiber in Ontario’s Superior Country. Climb aboard this museum and walk through the history of the Canadian Pacific Railway and what it means to Schreiber as an 1880s railway construction camp. You will step onto a platform modeled after a modern train station with a train on either side of you. On the left, board a Virtual Reality train car and witness an incredible video put together about the history of the town! The train on the opposite side is a refurbished 1953 train car, and holds Schreiber’s most unique artifacts right from the towns people themselves!

The Schreiber Discovery Centre and Museum Pamphlet reads; “The Discovery Centre looks connects Schreiber’s past and present as a Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) town through Antiques, Relics, and stories from the past. It is a must see for any railway and history enthusiast.”

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