Eagle Canyon Suspension Bridge - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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The Eagle Canyon Suspension Bridge is Canada’s longest, in Dorion in Ontario’s Superior Country, spanning 600 feet (182.8m). Turn down Ouimet Canyon Road off of highway 11/17 and take the right down Valley Road to find it. The bridge crosses over the canyon and Bat Lake at a height of 152 feet above the canyon floor. Offering incredible views as you make your way across to the other side.

If this elevation isn’t enough of a challenge for you thrill seekers, at the other end of this bridge you can opt to take the zip line to descend to the bottom of the canyon. The zipline is said to be Canada’s longest and highest extending half a mile long and 175 feet (53.3m) high. After experiencing this suspension bridge be sure to visit Ouimet Canyon Provincial Park for more stunning panoramic views.


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