Riding the Lake Superior Circle Tour

There are many ways to travel the Lake Superior Circle Tour but one of the most popular is by motorcycle! This 1,300 mile/2,000 km ride around Lake Superior is an amazing adventure when travelling on motorcycle. It is one of the best Motorcycle Rides in North America. When riding Lake Superior there are many things you need to plan ahead of time and we want to help you with the process. It is common for motorcyclists to travel Lake Superior in individual sections but when eager to gain your certification of completion, or to acquire the ultimate bragging rights, it is just as easy to do the whole thing at once. How long does it take to ride the Lake Superior Circle Tour? It can be completed in as little as a few days or as long as a month. It is all up to you! Our resources, including the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide, and Online Trip Planner, will help you plan the best trip around Lake Superior!

Motorcycle Trip Planning Tools

Planning to ride Lake Superior can seem like a daunting task but we have you covered. Between the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide and our Online Trip Planner (which allows to filter locations by motorcycle accessibility) you’ll have everything you need to plan the perfect ride around the world’s largest fresh water lake! They don’t call it North America’s Best Road Trip for nothing!

Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide

Looking for a Lake Superior Circle Tour Map and information perfect for planning an epic ride around the lake? Make sure to order a copy of our Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide! This is the official and ultimate magazine and trip planning guide to Lake Superior. It contains countless amounts of information and a map in its center to help you plan the best Lake Superior ride possible. It also contains great Travel Games, like the Certificate and Stamp Collection, as well as the Lake Superior Ale Trail and the Lake Superior Circle Tour Java Journey!

Lake Superior Circle Tour Trip Planner

Lake Superior Circle Tour Trip Planner

Utilize our online Lake Superior Circle Tour Trip Planner! Our online trip planning map has everything you need to plan an epic ride around Lake Superior. Make sure to select “Motorcycle Accessible” in the map filters. This way you will only see those attractions and destinations that are motorcycle accessible. Locations on the map have only been classified as motorcycle accessible if it is accessible by paved road or a very short gravel road. Calling ahead to locations is still recommended. For tips on how to use the trip planner click HERE.

Riding the Lake Superior Circle Tour by Motorcycle


Make sure beforehand to order the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide and research what you want to see and where you would like your stops to be along the Lake. For example, specific attractions, B&B’s, restaurants, landmarks etc. One of the earliest decisions you will have to make is to ride the Lake Superior Circle Tour Clockwise or Counter Clockwise! Another great tip for riding Lake Superior is to plan how many miles/kilometers you would like travel each day. You want to plan your route and have an accurate estimation of how long your journey will take you as a whole and by each day. You don’t want to be rushing and cramming in as many miles/kilometers as you can each day in order to get back home on time. Doing so can cause you to miss some of the beautiful sights and attractions around Lake Superior. So planning is key!



The biggest difference when travelling by motorcycle is being exposed to the weather conditions and being out of the protection from an enclosed vehicle. This is why it is extremely important to research the different climates around Lake Superior. While traveling the more northern parts of Ontario you may experience much more rain and colder weather than in the US portion. Because you have less space you need to make sure you plan on packing the appropriate attire. Make sure to visit our Lake Superior Weather Page for general information on what weather you can expect during your Circle Tour. Another tip is to read up on the Traveling Seasons of the Lake Superior Circle Tour. Remember that Canada and the US measure temperature differently. To familiarize yourself with Celsius and Fahrenheit visit our Conversation Calculator Page.

Wearing a Helmet

Remember that while riding in Ontario you must wear a helmet. You only need to wear a helmet in Michigan if you are under the age of 21 and in Wisconsin and Minnesota if you are under the age of 18. If you attempt to cross the Canadian border into Ontario without a helmet in your possession you will be denied entry. It is highly advisable to have your helmet on prior to arriving at the Canadian border. Remember that you will have to remove your helmet while talking to the border guards. For more information on border crossings visit our Border Crossing Page.

Additional Information

The Lake Superior Circle Tour Website is full of useful information about the lake, the tour, things to do and see, and much more. Here are some additional resources, that we haven’t mentioned so far, that you may find useful: Border Crossing Information, Lake Superior FAQs, Lake Superior Circle Tour FAQs, Lake Superior Wildlife, Lake Superior Facts, Lake Superior Campgrounds, and Lake Superior Cell Phone Coverage.