Superior Entry Lighthouse - Wisconsin Point Lighthouse - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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Superior Entry Lighthouse is located in Superior in Wisconsin’s Douglas County. It is found at the end of the 10 mile (16km) long freshwater sandbar – Wisconsin Point. The sand bar is split in the middle, the other side of the split makes up Minnesota Point also known as Park Point in Duluth Minnesota. A break wall comes out from the point where the lighthouse sits marking the access to the Superior Entry Channel. The lighthouse was established in 1913 and it stands 55.7 feet (17m) tall. While the interior of the lighthouse is closed to the public, the grounds are open. It can be accessed by walking along the break water. The first portion is made up of large rocks and the second portion is of concrete walkway. Some effort and agility are necessary for the rocky portion, proper footwear is recommended. This lighthouse offers a fantastic place for ship watching.

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