Apostle Islands Sea Caves - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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The Apostle Islands Sea Caves sculpt much of the shoreline of the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore in Wisconsin’s Bayfield County. These naturally occurring caves are made up of sandstone cliffs that have been carved out by centuries of waves and the freezing and thawing of ice. The best way to see these caves during the summer months are by sea kayaks, boat tours or cruises. Meyers Beach is a popular launching point to kayak along the shore to view the mainland caves that are about a mile (1.6km) from the beach. Several caves are large enough to paddle through. Sea caves are also found along islands such as Sand Island, Stockton Island, Madeline Island and Devil’s Island. Boaters should always avoid the sea caves when the weather and lake conditions are rough and should never visit them alone. During the winter the caves change from brilliant red sandstone to sparkling crystal-like ice caves. The lake is usually iced over and if it’s frozen enough visitors can walk across the ice to explore the sea caves. Only when condition are optimal should people go to the ice caves. Proper footwear, snow shoes or skis and adequate warm clothing should be worn.

For current ice conditions call the automated Apostle Islands Line – 715-779-3398 ext 3

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