Amnicon Falls State Park - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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Amnicon Falls State Park located in Wisconsin’s Douglas County was originally established as of 1961 and is known for its beautiful waterfalls. Amnicon Falls State Park sits almost on the very west tip of Lake Superior along U.S. highway 2/53. Amnicon Falls State Park features many waterfalls that flow from the Amnicon river and is open year-round from 6 am to 11 pm. Some of the main things to do in Amnicon Falls State Park include enjoying the wildlife, hiking trails, viewing the falls, camping, swimming, picnicking and there are even lots of opportunities for things to do in the wintertime. Amnicon Falls State Park is perfect any time of year!

Amnicon Falls State Park has its own campground that is described as a quieter and more rustic campground. It is described this way because it does not feature any electrical hookups, dump stations, showers or allowances for generators. It offers 36 camping spots and you must reserve a spot ahead of time online or by phone call at 888-947-2757. There is a park and fields near the campgrounds, and it is all pet friendly.

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