October 2022 - Lake Superior Circle Tour


Monthly: October 2022

October 17th, 2022

Famous Lake Superior Shipwrecks

With frigid temperatures and extreme depths of Lake Superior, this Great Lake holds many untouched shipwrecks on it’s Canadian and American Lake Bottom. It is estimated that there are over 550 shipwrecks in Lake Superior. Most of these shipwrecks are undisturbed. The extreme weather conditions of fog, wind, ice and winter storms of Lake Superior […]

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October 13th, 2022

Spooky Stories of Lake Superior

Lake Superior has its fair share of spooky stories. With a place being named the “Graveyard of the Great Lakes” and dubbed one of the top 10 haunted lakes in the world, how could it not? From ghost ships, haunted places, lonely lightkeepers, and woeful shores, the chilling tales that the Lake tells are vast. […]

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