Longlac - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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Longlac is located in Ontario’s Superior Country Municipality of Greenstone. Turning onto Highway 11 at Nipigon, the unspoiled beauty of Greenstone unfolds. Camping , long sand beaches, breathtaking trails, wilderness canoeing and more await. Greenstone, “Natures Hometown”, is a largely undiscovered jewel just off the Trans-Canada Highway 17. There aren’t as many hills on this highway so it’s easier on gas! Turn down Highway 631 until White River to connect back to the Circle Tour. Like other communities within Greenstone, Longlac has so many opportunities for activities and adventures amongst its lush forest, fast rivers, and beautiful lakes. From hiking to golfing they have it all. Longlac’s Tourist Information Center is open during the summer season and is located on the left side of the highway when you first approach the town (heading west). RVers and other travelers of the Lake Superior Circle Tour have seen just how magnificent the North Shore region can be. But why not try something a little different this year? Take an extra day or two and explore this natural paradise.

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