By Way Of Boat - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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What better way to experience the Lake Superior Circle Tour than right in the heart of it and on the great lake herself? Those who wonder, “Can you complete the Lake Superior Circle Tour by boat?” Of Course, you can! For those deciding to complete the circle tour by boat then you will not be disappointed as Lake Superior is extremely beautiful sight from the road and can only be more breathtaking by water.

However, when traveling by water there is a lot more to take into consideration and you need to prepare your boat. We have some tips and information for you to consider when taking on the Lake Superior Circle Tour right on the Lake.

You can view our list of marinas around the lake and there you can choose where you will want to stop and dock your boat for the night. It will help you map out the distances in between your stops and when you will need to fuel your boat. Each marina will tell you what’s available such as fuel, services, and accommodations. To view the list please visit our official page (insert link)

You also need to make sure you have the proper safety equipment as the conditions of the lake can change frequently and could delay your trip or force you to move onto your next destination quicker than you planned.

Crossing the 49th parallel

When completing the circle tour by boat you also get to experience crossing the 49th parallel which is something you can also receive a certificate for in the Township of Nipigon.

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