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Wawa is located in Ontario’s Algoma country region. Wawa has a population of 2,905 and was founded in 1899. Wawa is located on the northern shoreline of Lake Superior with just a 2.5 hour drive north of Sault Ste Marie Ontario. The drive on the Trans-Canada Highway follows the rugged Lake Superior shore closely and affords some views that are nothing short of spectacular. Visitors to the Wawa area are captured by its natural beauty. It’s a great place to just enjoy nature’s beautiful waterfalls, natural beaches along Lake Superior and Wawa Lake, meandering trails, lakesides, and old heritage sites without any particular agenda.

The Wawa area is also a unique paddling destination. Located between Lake Superior Provincial Park and Pukaswka National Park, paddlers can take in the most remote section of Lake Superior coastline. Rivers and inland lakes are also plentiful with many paddling experiences, as well as great opportunities for wildlife viewing, camping, fishing and discovering secrets of years gone by when logging dominated Lake Superior’s shores. The “Signs of History” and “Heritage Doors” provide a great touring opportunity for visitors to take in the story of Wawa’s early beginnings and meet some of the people who have shaped the history of Wawa. Silver Falls and Scenic High Falls are two signature sites that most visitors do not want to miss. In fact, one of the best days a visitor could spend in Wawa is relaxing beside one of the many waterfalls or beautiful waterfront parks. Lion’s Waterfront Park and Rose’s Beach have stunning sun rises and accessible beaches to spend the day on.

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