Mobile Clockwise or Counterclockwise - Lake Superior Circle Tour

One of the most common questions people ask before starting the Lake Superior Circle Tour is “are we supposed to go around the lake clockwise or counterclockwise?” Well there is no right answer to this question as you can complete the tour either way and your journey can be great from either direction. This solely depends on how you plan your route and what works best for you.

Another thing to take into consideration is everyone doing the Circle Tour has a different starting point. So, no matter which direction you go everyone’s travel is personalized with their own unique adventure.

When it comes to using the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide the information is laid out clockwise beginning in Sault Ste. Marie Michigan and ending in Sault Ste. Marie Ontario. If you are traveling clockwise, and utilizing the guide, start in the region you are beginning your journey and continue through the guide from there. If you are traveling counterclockwise, start in the region you are beginning your trip and read the guide from back to front instead of front to back.

Clockwise or Counterclockwise Advantages


Traveling clockwise keeps you on the same side of the road as Lake Superior. Many travelers claim that this is safer as many of the key attractions, and last minute lookouts, will be on your right hand side. This allows you to exit on the right hand side without worrying about oncoming highway traffic. It may also prove more easily to get back onto the highway by merging with traffic instead of cutting across it. This can be especially beneficial to motorhome travelers or individuals towing a trailer.


Traveling counterclockwise around the Lake Superior Circle Tour also has its benefits. By traveling on the other side of the road, away from Lake Superior, many claim that it offers more superior views. This is because you are able to look straight ahead, across the road, toward your desired view, instead of having to turn your neck if traveling clockwise. Another benefit is your chances of traveling against bad weather, instead of with it, is much greater while on the Canadian side of the Circle Tour. When traveling counterclockwise, while in Canada, you will be going west. As weather most often travels west to east this means you will be driving against bad weather if it happens to appear. But why would you want to travel against bad weather you might ask? If you were to travel with the weather the chances are you would be with it longer. Meaning more rain and/or cold for a longer period of time. By travelling against it you will likely come out of the other end quicker than if you traveled with it. Motorcyclists head this advice more than others because of their exposure to the elements. However, Lake Superior Weather is an especially important aspect of your Lake Superior Circle Tour. It is recommended, if traveling clockwise or counterclockwise, that you check local weather reports often to stay informed and prepared.