The Quebec Lodge - Lake Superior Circle Tour

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The Quebec Lodge is located in Red Rock in Ontario’s Superior Country. The lodge is a beautiful circa 1937 4,000 square foot log structure which originally served as the corporate retreat for the pulp and paper mill in Red Rock. Mill executives used the lodge for entertaining clients and personal accommodations while visiting Red Rock. It is an excellent example of the finest log building craftsmanship and architectural design of the era. The historical integrity of the building has been preserved with modernizations to bring the structure to present code for accommodations.

The lodge has 6 guest rooms with paired rooms sharing a bathroom between suites. The great room stretches 2 ½ floors high with cantilevered log beams, second floor walkway, a massive stone fireplace and a bar – perfect for meetings and evening relaxing. The dining room overlooks Lake Superior and the large kitchen completes the layout of the lodge. The wafting smells of a sumptuous breakfast will wake you in the morning or the long gathering table is a place to gather for a wonderful dinner and share the tales of the day. Experience the authentic north, enjoy a relaxing time on the large deck overlooking Lake Superior. Enjoy your adventurous day and your evenings spent comfortably ensconced in nature – at The Lodge.
The lodge is situated on the side of a hill overlooking Lake Superior and one of the finest vistas on the north shore Lake Superior. Nipigon Bay, the marina at Red Rock are in the foreground and numerous islands stretch out to the horizon. The entire waterfront area is part of Parks Canada’s Lake Superior National Marine Conservation Area which encompasses 10,000 square kilometers of protected area.


The lodge is operated by Nipigon River Adventures which offer packages that include some of the most amazing adventures such as world-class fly fishing, kayaking, hiking, sailing and more. They provide experienced guides that will ensure your success and enjoyment and at the end of each day deliver you back to the cozy lodge to enjoy the finest view of Lake Superior, relax by an open fire pit and at night rest your head, in preparation for another great day ahead.

There are also Photography Adventure packages that only require you, your camera, and a sturdy pair of shoes. You will be guided to some of Ontario’s true north unique locations to capture nature, wildlife and some unique experiences of being in the true north strong and free.

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