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Difficulty: Moderate

Eben Ice Caves Trail is located near Eben Junction in Deerton in Michigan’s Alger County. This is a 2.1 miles (3.5 km) out and back trail that leads to the Eben Ice Caves, also known as the Rock River Canyon Ice Caves. While this is a popular winter attraction once the ice caves freeze up, the trail can also be utilized in the summer though you would see little to no running water. If coming to see the ice caves, it is recommended that you plan appropriately for snow and ice. Snowshoes or ice cleats and dressing appropriate for the weather. Leashed dogs are allowed.

Travel directions: From M-94 in Eben Junction turn north onto Eben Road for 1.5 miles (2.4 km) to Frey Road and turn right and drive to the end of the road.

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