Roadside Attractions on the Lake Superior Circle Tour!


The Lake Superior Circle Tour is full of wonderful and creative roadside attractions! Some stem from memorable stories and community figures while others were built simply for fun. No trip around Lake Superior would be complete without visiting at least some of these awe inspiring attractions. You won’t want to forget your camera as these roadside wonders are the perfect opportunity to capture some memories that will last a life time!

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Pickle Barrel

The Pickle Barrel House Museum is located in Grand Marais, MI. Resembling two barrels, this quirky museum was originally built in 1926 as a summer home for William Donahey, the cartoonist of the Chicago Tribune’s “Teenie Weenie” cartoon strip. The larger barrel is 16 feet tall (4.9m) and had two stories. The interior contains a 1920s era living area, pantry, kitchen and bedroom.

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Santa’s Workshop Cut-Outs

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Santa's Workshop

Santa’s Workshop is a gift shop in Christmas, Michigan. Standing in front of the store is a large Santa with finger guns pointed up in the air. Behind the shop travelers will find a large cut out of the Old Woman Who Lived in a Shoe!

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Casino Santa

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Casino Santa

Another Santa Roadside attraction in Christmas, Michigan! This one is Casino Santa beckoning travelers to visit Kewadin Casino.

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Lakenenland Sculpture Park

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Lakenland Sculpture Park

The Lakenenland Sculpture Park just east of Marquette, Michigan can be explored by vehicle or by foot. It contains over 80 sculptures made from recycled iron.

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Phil the Window Washer

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Phil the Window Washer

Phil the Window Washer is a sculpture in Marquette, Michigan. This sculpture was erected in memory of a local community member who would clean the windows of local businesses. He never accepted compensation.

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Jilbert’s Dairy Cows

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Dairy Cows

Jilbert’s Dairy Cows can be found in Marquette, Michigan at Jilbert’s Dairy. Stop to see them and enjoy an ice cream!

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Old Ish

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Old Ish

Old Ish is in Ishpeming, Michigan. The statue originally stood over three drinking fountains. There used to be similar fountains in the area but Old Ish is one of the last remaining.

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Da Yoopers Tourist Trap

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Da Yoopers Tourist Trap

Da Yoopers Tourist Trap is a goods shop located in Ishpeming, Michigan. It boasts six different roadside attractions including Gravel Gertie, Big Gus, Big Ernie, Da Man Camp, Christine on Steroids, and Eddy Da Wood Burning Tractor.

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Shrine of Bishop Baraga

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Shrine of Bishop Baraga

The Shrine of Bishop Baraga is in L’Anse, Michigan in Baraga County. It is also known as the Snowshoe Priest. The copper statue stands overlooking Keweenaw Bay on Lake Superior.

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Snow Stick

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Snow Stick

The Snow Stick can be found just north of Mohawk, Michigan and is over 30 feet high which makes sense as the record high snowfall for the area is 32.5 feet!

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Kearsarge Ship of Stones

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Ship of Stones

The Kearsarge Ship of Stones is approximately two miles North of Calumet, Michigan. It was erected to commemorate the U.S.S. Kearsarge.

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Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Nee Gah Nee Gah Bow

The Nee-Gaw-Nee-Gaw-Bow is a carved Chippewa Indian head. It’s name translates to Leading Man. It is one of the sculptures that make up the Trail of Whispering Giants.

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Big Powderhorn Mountain Skier

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Mountain Skier

Big Powderhorn Mountain Skier is a large fiberglass statue located east of Ironwood, Michigan.

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Big Stormy Kromer Cap

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Kromer Hat

Found in Ironwood, Michigan the Big Stormy Kromer Cap can be found at the Stormy Kromer Store. This roadside attraction has been fashioned after a cap George “Stormy” Kromer had his wife alter so it wouldn’t blow off while working in the wind.

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Hiawatha, World’s Largest Native American Statue

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Worlds Largest Indian Statue

Another roadside attraction located in Ironwood, Michigan is Hiawatha – The Word’s Largest Native American Statue. This is a 52 foot tall attraction that was erected in 1964.

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Vietnam Memorial Tank & Helicopter

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Memorial Tanks and Helicopter

The Vietnam Memorial Tank and Helicopter can be found in Hurley, Wisconsin. This is a veterans memorial dedicated to those who served in the Vietnam War.

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World’s Largest Corkscrew

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Worlds Largest Corkscrew

In Hurley, Wisconsin lives the World’s Largest Corkscrew! It is 24 feet tall and stands in front of the Corkscrew Liquor Store.

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Giant Smallmouth Bass

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Giant Small Mouth Bass

The Giant Smallmouth Bass Roadside Attraction can be found in Ashland, Wisconsin. It is 20 feet in length and sits atop an old green motorboat.

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Apple Statue

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Apple Statue

Bayfield, Wisconsin houses the Apple Statue and it is the home of Weber Orchards. The Bayfield area is well known for its great apples and now it is also known for this gigantic Apple Statue!

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Junk Football Player

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Junk Football Player

The Junk Football player represents a Green Bay Packer Quarterback and lives 9 miles west of Ashland, Wisconsin, outside of the Pagac’s Bar. It is completely made up of scrap metal.

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Statue of Viking Leif Erikson

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Statue of Viking Leif Erikson

At the entrance of Leif Erikson Park in Duluth, Minnesota lives the Statue of Viking Leif Erikson. It stands 13 feet and welcomes visitors to the park where Duluth’s Rose Garden can be found!

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Pierre the Voyageur

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Pierre the Voyageur

Pierre the Voyageur sits outside the Earthwood Inn in Two Harbors, Minnesota. He is a 20 foot tall French-Canadian Fur Trapper. Definitely a great spot to take a photo!

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Large Rooster

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Large Rooster

The Large Rooster of Two Harbors, Minnesota’s Weldon’s Gift Shop greets travelers as they travel North into the town.

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Native American by Peter Toth

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Native American by Peter Toth

The Native American at the Visitor Centre in Two Harbors, Minnesota is the second of Peter Toth’s Whispering Giants that can be seen on the Lake Superior Circle Tour.

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Rocky Taconite

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Rocky Taconite

The Rocky Taconite Roadside Attraction lives in Silver Bay, Minnesota. He stands on top of a large rock of taconite.

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The Beaver House Fish

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - The Beaver House Fish

The Beaver House Fish calls the town of Grand Marais, Minnesota, in Cook County, home. This is a giant walleye going through the roof of the Beaver House and coming out the side.

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Thunder Bay Marina Sculptures

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Thunder Bay Marina Sculptures

The Thunder Bay Marina Sculptures can be found along Ontario’s Superior Country Region of the Circle Tour in Thunder Bay, Ontario. There are over twelve to see.

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Terry Fox Memorial Statue

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Terry Fox Memorial Statue

The Terry Fox Memorial Statue is one of the most famous roadside attractions along the Circle Tour and in all of Canada. It can be found at the Thunder Bay Visitor Information Centre overlooking Lake Superior and the Sleeping Giant.

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Pinecrest Totem Pole

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Pinecrest Totem Pole

The Pine Crest Totem Pole can be found in Nipigon, Ontario at the Pinecrest Motel beside the local Tim Hortons on the highway. It showcases 9 different people/animals and has become an iconic attraction in Nipigon.

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Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Paddle to the Sea

The Paddle-to-the-Sea park, including the paddle-to-the-sea statue and waterfall, can be found in downtown Nipigon in Ontario’s Superior Country Region. The park also has a splash pad making it a great spot to take photos and cool off!

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Schreiber Railway Museum 

Climb aboard the Schreiber Railway Museum, a refurbished 1953 train car and learn about this towns history. Schreiber was founded in the 1880s as a railway construction camp so the train car museum it is quite fitting as a tribute to its history.

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Terrace Bay Lighthouse

The Terrace Bay Lighthouse is a 50 foot (15.2 m) tall replica of the lighthouse on the Slate Islands Provincial Park. Visitors are able to go inside and climb the stairs to the top where there is an observation deck equipped with a coin operated telescope.

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Winnie the Pooh

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Winnie the Pooh

White River, in Ontario’s Algoma Country Region of the Circle Tour is home to Winnie the Pooh. White River is the birthplace of the original bear cub that become the beloved Winnie the Pooh Character that we all know and love today! The statue is located in the Winnie the Pooh Park.

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White River Thermometer

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - White River Thermometer

The White River Thermometer is located on the highway traveling through White River in Ontario’s Algoma Country Region.

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Wawa Goose

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Wawa Goose

Another of the most famous Lake Superior Roadside Attractions is the Wawa Goose. It sits in front of the Tourist Information Centre in Wawa, Ontario. The Goose has recently been replaced with an all new model. This is definitely a place you will want to stop on your Lake Superior Circle Tour to take a photo!

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Standing outside Young’s General Store you’ll find what was once the Original Wawa Goose until it was replaced and surpassed by an even larger goose in 1963. It was replaced a third time as the latest Goose at the Wawa Visitor Centre. Wawa is Ojibwa for “wild goose” and the goose has long been a beloved mascot of the town.

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Sault Minor Baseball

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Sault Minor Baseball

2,000 times larger than a regular baseball, the Sault Minor Baseball is located at the Sinclair Yards Baseball Field in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario. It is the worlds largest baseball!

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Three Bears Fishing

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Three Bears Fishing

Along the Saint Mary’s River boardwalk in Sault Ste Marie, Ontario you will find Three Bears Fishing.

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Beardmore’s Snowman

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Beardmore's Snowman

Beardmore’s Snowman can be found just off of Lake Superior on the Lake Superior Circle Tour alternate Greenstone Route in Ontario’s Superior Country Region. In the summer he can be seen holding a fishing rod while in the winter he switches things up and holds his curling broom. At 35 feet this is one snowman you won’t want to miss!

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Birch Bark Canoe Monument

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Birchbark Canoe Monument

The Birch Bark Canoe Monument is located on the Circle Tour’s alternate Greenstone Route in Longlac.

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Horse Pulling Logs

Lake Superior Roadside Attractions - Horse Pulling Logs

At the Longlac Tourist Information Centre, on the Lake Superior Circle Tour’s alternate Greenstone Route, in Ontario’s Superior Country Region you will find a Horse Pulling Logs. It is a life sized roadside attraction that makes for a great photo opportunity!

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There you have it. These Lake Superior Roadside attractions can all be found on the Lake Superior Circle Tour! To start planning your trip around Lake Superior try our online Trip Planner and order a copy of the Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide!

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