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There are many ways to complete the Lake Superior Circle Tour and another great way to do so is by a Motorhome or RV. This way you can see the breathtaking scenic views right from your home on wheels. When travelling around the lake this way we have a lot of information for you to help prepare you for your trip.

The campground list is a great place to start which is a trip planning tool in our Lake Superior Circle Tour Adventure Guide which you shouldn’t leave on your journey without it. It lists every campground around the lake with contact information and more importantly when they are open and if they are RV/Motorhome friendly. This includes listing if there are water hookups, power hookups, dumping stations etc.

Another thing to take into consideration when planning a trip around the lake in your motorhome/RV is space and time as you will be traveling in something much larger than other travelers on motorcycles or cars. It may take you longer to maneuver yourself through traffic, park and turn onto different roads.

There are also many benefits to doing travelling around the lake this way which include


Although RV’s and motorhomes cost more to fill up with fuel, they allow you to save in other ways. You do not have to worry about large costs for accommodations or eating out in restaurants if you want to cook in your own kitchen.


One of the most beneficial reasons to travel in a motorhome/RV is the freedom to stay or go as you please with less limitations than having to book accommodations through hotels or motels. You are traveling with your accommodations so if something goes wrong or you absolutely fall in love with a place you can stay a lot easier.


The convenience with travelling with your own mobile home is wonderful. Everything you need you always have with you during your travel. Especially when it comes to packing and luggage. You have much more space and are less restricted than if on a motorcycle or car.

Overall choosing to have your Lake Superior Circle Tour Experience in a motorhome/RV is a great one!

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